Welcome to our company

Transact India Corporation was founded in 1990 with the intention to deliver high quality, high performing and innovative custom built scientific equipment for research and industry in India. Our business journey began with sales and service of accelerator technology components and after several years of impeccable service to our esteemed customers, we are delivering turnkey advanced accelerator and magnetic field measurement systems to premier scientific institutions and leaders in Magnetic Resonance Imaging in India.

Transact India Corporation provides calibration services for Metrolab make NMR high precision equipment. The calibration tools, processes and documentation has been approved by the manufacturer Metrolab Technology SA. MRI industry, research institutions and MRI service providers will benefit enormously with our prompt and accurate calibration services.

Transact India Corporation strategic and long term alliance with world renowned manufacturers has enhanced our capabilities to address new technical challenges thus developing a close and fruitful cooperation with our valued customers.

Our short form product range is listed below and we will be pleased to provide you with solutions, data and competitive offers for your specific needs.

Turn-key Accelerator Systems
Accelerator and Spectrometer Magnets
Precision Magnet Power Supplies
Magnetic Insertion and Devices
Digital Teslameter and Hall Probes
PT 2026 - NMR Precision Teslameter
MFC2046 - Transit Case Fond Transparent
MFC9046 - Magnetic Field Camera
 Synchrotron Beam line Components and Systems
Synchrotron Beam Diagnostic Instrumentation
Charged-particle Detectors, Neutron Monitors, X-ray Beam Position Monitors
Electromagnet Systems