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Transact India Corporation represents Danfysik A/S, founded in 1964, a world renowned manufacturer of high quality, high performing advanced technology components and turn-key systems for particle accelerators, synchrotrons and healthcare.

Danfysik have over 55 years of experience and competence to precisely design, develop, manufacture, integrate, test, deliver and install advanced accelerator technology systems that exceed the goals of customers in research, healthcare and industry worldwide. At the cutting edge of technology, Danfysik is committed to extensive research and development ensuring that their custom-built equipment meets the highest industry standard.

Group3 Technology Scientific Instruments

Transact India Corporation represents Group3 Technology Limited, founded in 1983, renowned manufacturer of robust scientific instruments for measuring magnetic fields.

Group3 produces very accurate and cost effective Hall Effect Digital Teslameter for measuring magnetic fields. The design, manufacture, calibration and repair takes place at Group3 Technology's Auckland office.

Metrolab Technology

Transact India Corporation represents Metrolab Technology SA, founded in 1985, a global market leader for high precision instrumentation, used to measure high and low intensity magnetic fields to a very high degree of precision.

With over 30 years of dedication as a distinguished industrial manufacturer, Metrolab’s range of products, NMR Teslameter, NMR Magnetic Field Camera, Fast Digital Integrator, Three-axis Hall Magnetometers and Calibration Magnets has won the trust of premier physics laboratories and leading players in Magnetic Resonance Imaging market.

FMB Oxford

Transact India Corporation represents FMB Oxford Limited, founded in 2001, a recognised leading supplier of specialised instrumentation to the synchrotron community.

With many years of experience working with X-rays, FMB Oxford have designed and built an extensive product portfolio consisting of detectors, diagnostics, double crystal monochromators, mirror systems, control systems, complete turn-key beam lines and variety of experimental end-stations.


Transact India Corporation represents CIVIDEC Instrumentation, founded in 2009, on the cutting edge technology of CERN, Geneva.

CIVIDEC specializes in radiation monitors for beam diagnostics based on CVD diamond detectors. CIVIDEC designs and produces charged-particle detectors, neutron monitors and X-ray beam position monitors. CIVIDEC provides turn-key solutions to its customers, including low-noise high-speed amplifiers and digital readout systems.

GMW Associates

Transact India Corporation represents GMW Associates, founded in 1982, for their range of electromagnet systems including power supplies, field measuring instrumentation and control software.