Transact India Corporation

Transact India Corporation represents Danfysik A/S, founded in 1964, a world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality, high-performing advanced technology components and turn-key systems for particle accelerators, synchrotrons, and healthcare.

Danfysik has over 55 years of experience and competence in precise design, development, manufacture, integration, test, delivery, and install advanced accelerator technology systems that exceed the goals of customers in research, healthcare, and industry worldwide. At the cutting edge of technology, Danfysik is committed to extensive research and development ensuring that its custom-built equipment meets the highest industry standard. Danfysik accelerator system and accelerator components are in service at most particle accelerator facilities globally.

Danfysik Products & Solutions

Danfysik delivers high-quality accelerator systems and accelerator components, as well as conventional and bespoke solutions, to particle accelerators and research institutions around the world.

Magnet Power Supplies

Standard and customized

Danfysik’s high-stability power supplies offer standard and custom solutions to satisfy the needs of accelerators and research centers across the world, with outputs ranging from a few watts to several megawatts with stability as low as 0.1ppm.

Standard Power Supplies

Danfysik power supplies are operational at several Research Institutes, Industry and in Healthcare Centers worldwide. The power supplies are designed for applications where requirements for ultra-high stability and high reliability is paramount.

The power supplies are constant current regulated and uses DCCT current transducer to achieve high stability. All power supplies are operational from remote and the local control panel. The power supplies are equipped with protection circuits for both internal and external interlock inputs for typical functions like temperature monitoring, over load and more. 

Power supplies for superconducting applications

Danfysik power supplies for superconducting applications are designed to operate LTS and HTS magnets and offers superior functions and performance required for these applications. Stringent technical requirements, and where high stability is required, can be met with a custom designed superconducting magnet power supply from Danfysik. 

Bipolar Magnet Power Supplies

Danfysik bipolar power supplies are designed for use in magnet application where polarity change in the magnetic field is required. Typical application is for correctors and switching magnets or for degausing of magnets. The bipolar power supplies are equipped with H-bridge configuration for true bipolar operation.

Special Power Supplies

Danfysik has extensive experience in designing special power supplies for a range of applications e.g. kicker and septum magnets with built-in power supplies. The power supply use IGBTs or thyristors as switching elements and are based on the capacitor discharge principle. Please contact us for your special power supply requirements.

Ramped power supplies for synchrotrons

Danfysik has extensive expertise constructing power supplies for synchrotron applications where ramping current requirements are essential. Depending on the requirements, power supplies are often built to run at low frequencies ranging from DC to 10Hz. The majority of power supplies are constructed with energy recovery circuits to reduce power usage.

Custom Design Power Supply

Danfysik high precision, high performance, current regulated power supplies ranges from 10 Amps to 30,000 Amps and from kilowatts to megawatts. The power supplies are custom designed that requires very high stability and low noise combined with reliability and configured to meet specific application requirements, with guaranteed performance. Danfysik design team are ready to design, build and test a custom-built power supply for any magnet application.


Standard and custom design

The Danfysik accelerator magnet program includes both conventional and specialized magnets, ranging from modest correctors to spectrometer magnets weighing more than 100 metric tons.

Conventional Magnets

Danfysik conventional accelerator magnet program covers standard and custom-built resistive magnets, reaching from small correctors to very large spectrometer magnets. Opera 2D and 3D are used for magnetic field modeling, Autodesk Inventor for mechanical design and COSMOS for finite element calculations of mechanical structures.

Vacuum impregnated hollow or solid conductor magnet coils are manufactured in-house. Magnetic field tests are performed using a rotating coil system and a 3D Hall probe mapping system.

Danfysik offers complete magnet systems including vacuum chambers, supporting stands and matching power supplies.

Compact Magnet Systems

Integration of many magnetic functions into one compact magnet system array to increase the number of bending magnets around a storage ring in a cost-effective way.

Permanent Magnets

Energy saving with Green Magnet® technology from Danfysik, typically reduces the total lifetime cost of an accelerator magnet by a factor of four. Due to the compact and low-power design, Green Magnets® save laboratory space on bulky power or water cooling installations. Lastly Green Magnets® helps protect our environment and natural resources.

In Green Magnets the magnetic field is provided by strong permanent magnets that are integrated in a soft iron yoke. Special technology ensures superior temperature stability. Green Magnets are available for dipole and quadrupole applications.

Special Magnets

Danfysik have designed and manufactured magnets for the accelerator community for over 55 years and have fulfilled numerous demands for very special magnets successfully.

Danfysik use state of the art design tools for particle optics and dynamic 3D magnetic field design to develop and design the special magnets. Danfysik versatile set of field measuring equipment including 3D Hall mapper, NMR system, rotating coil and stretched wire testing equipment are used for testing and documenting the performance against the required specifications.

Electrostatic Devices

E-Quadrupoles, E-Scanners, E-Analyzers, Wien Filters

For focusing and scanning low-energy heavy ions, for velocity selectors (Wien filters), and for spectrometers with special needs. We have a wide range of electrostatic devices that can be used in particle accelerators for different tasks. They range from large electrostatic dipole analyzers for spectrometers to small beam-scanning systems for small accelerators and Wien filters.

Field Measurement

For test of multipole magnets

The magnetic field performance and quality of multipole magnets (quadrupoles, sextupoles, octupoles, etc.) is normally defined by the integrated main magnetic field component and the relative contribution of higher order harmonic field components with respect to the main component. These parameters may vary as a function of magnetic excitation, and hence will need to be checked at several excitation intervals. An additional quality measure is the variation of the position of the magnetic center with respect to the mechanical center.

Danfysik offer the following field measurement systems for mapping and test of magnetic multipole fields:

Design Services

Magnetics, Electrostatics, Optics

Danfysik use the most advanced 2D and 3D design tools to come up with the best optimized magnetic, electrostatic, and mechanical solutions. Customers can get help with design in the areas of magnetics, electrostatics, and particle beam optics from us.

Complete Accelerator Systems & Subsystems Solutions

Design, manufacture, installation and support solutions are based on standard or customized components to your requirements

Particle Therapy Accelerators

For advanced cancer treatment

Danfysik take pride in bringing our synchrotron accelerator technology to healthcare by delivering Particle Therapy with components, subsystems, and support.

Synchrotron Accelerators

Standardized and custom designed

Danfysik designs, manufactures, tests, and installs all components for synchrotron-accelerator-based Light Sources, according to particular needs and performance specifications. DANFYSIK is the world's leading supplier for Synchrotron 4G upgrade projects.

Beam Line Systems

Optimized for your application

Almost all accelerator facilities require beam lines to transfer particle beams "from A to B." Danfysik will be pleased to assist for your beam line system requirements.